Jarolím’s first nomination! Selected Liberec novices, Kadlec returns

The well-known faces are missing, two complete newcomers appeared. Football coach Karel Jarolim today announced his first nomination for a preliminary match with Armenia (31 August) and the opening match of the World Championship Championship with Northern Ireland in Prague

Speed ​​and joy. Jarolim and the representation stepped in the right direction

It does not have to look so awesome with the newly formed national team. Czech footballers against Armenia, especially in the first half of the day, were flying around the pitch as they pulled out of the chain, playing with

Halak openly at the end of the NHL: That’s how I get this way, I did not even think of it

How is the designer of Europe’s second position in the World Cup now living? Jaroslav Halák is still dressed in orange-colored colors, he has a favorite number 41 on his back, enjoys a luxurious gaga, after winning, his teammates are

Costa is pleased to stay in Sparta! She was also considering Turkey for her girlfriend

He is one of the most prominent players in Sparta. But at the end of last season, however, it was not certain whether Costa will continue to stay in Letná. Doubts are gone, the Zimbabwean representative has signed a new

We do not pack it yet. We are going to look at the way, the Laco Pirates goalie

They were in the shoes. The Pirates of Chomutov knew that if they did not win on Thursday in Mladá Boleslav, they are waiting for the end of the season. After two home spells 1: 7 and 1: 6 they

Merry again failed: Cramp! I do not know whether I am a valid player in the Davis Cup

Tennis player Jiří Veselý once again confirmed that he is not very good at Davis Cup. In the first round of the first round in Australia after a full of mistakes and nervousness, he defeated Jordan Thompson with a clear

Проблема женщины в спорте: твит FA – это только верхушка айсберга

Наши #Lionesses возвращаются к тому, чтобы быть матерями, партнерами и дочерьми сегодня, но они взяли другой титул – герои. Твиттер был быстро удален после критики в социальных сетях, но многие люди казались смущенными О том, почему он был описан как

Astana pushed, Contador defended the jersey. The König and the Kreuziger also stood in the mountains

For Albert Contador and his Tinkoff-Saxo stable, the stage was an important psychological victory. Two days after the Spaniard slammed his shoulder, he was able to react to the sharp and steadily rising pace of the Astana stables, which at

Žiadny strach. Zved z Juliska upokojoval Hajduk pred zápasy s Libercom

Prvý zápas sa hrá vo štvrtok na štadióne u Nisy od 19 hodín. “Liberec má mladý a ambiciózny tím, ale nič zvláštne nepredvádza,” referoval Jurendič, ktorý prestúpil zo Záhrebu na Juliska v lete a v treťom kole uhral so svojím

Koulaři, siláci v akci. I have 120 pounds and I am a younger brother

Tomáš Staněk, a guy like a mountain and a laughing laugh, laughs: “Against the Americans, I am a child, just a younger brother. I have 121 pounds, against them 160 it is nothing. “Jan Marcell had a time when he