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Nenhum jogador, o que seria mais importante do clube, especialmente tal como “Real” – e isso se aplica também e Cristiano Ronaldo. Quatro dias atrás, a sua substituição no jogo contra o ” estava insatisfeito com Gareth Bale, após o que a imprensa imediatamente rumores de que o galês decepcionado com a sua posição na equipe. Talvez, substituindo Ronaldo no jogo com a “Las “, Zinedine Zidane manteve em mente este fator, deixando Bail em campo. Enfim, ao sair de campo, o Ronaldo é claramente parecia infeliz.

Mas, acima de tudo, o sábio francês especialista foram e outras considerações. E o Ronaldo é preciso entender que os interesses do clube acima de seus próprios. Ronaldo mim episódio com o segundo gol de Karim Benzema, ele é esfaqueado, após o qual o atacante francês terminou a bola na rede. Parecia que o gol proporcionará uma “Real” de vitória em Canárias, e Zidane, em 72 minuto removi o Ronaldo no campo. Antes de essas Zidane lançado no campo de Benzema, e substituir imediatamente funcionou – seu compatriota marcou através de três minutos. Questionar a competência de Zinédine dificilmente vale a pena.

Mas quando em 86 minuto Araujo marcou poupança para sua equipe bola, Zidane certamente se arrependeu de sua decisão. No entanto, você pode entender. Ronaldo está longe de sua forma ideal, no nariz de uma luta contra o borussia dortmund na Liga dos campeões. Portanto, Zinedine decidiu fornecer o seu estrelado férias. A maior parte da partida, Cristiano de ritmo de jogo da equipe, assim como foi no jogo com o “”. Traumatismo, recebido no final do campeonato da Europa, em julho, ainda não até o fim, e o que pode causar esse tipo de situação, pode-se entender o exemplo de Lionel Messi.

“…Temos o jogo de terça-feira e eu tive que dar-lhe descanso. Às vezes é necessário. Ele é bem jogado, eu tive que escolher, e eu pensei em terça-feira – disse o Jogador após a partida. …”

Mentor do Real madrid foi perguntado sobre a reação de Ronaldo, que após a substituição passou por um treinador, não -lo e olhar.

“…– Eu entendo, ele quer se manter no campo de todos os tempos, mas eu me importo com os jogadores, especialmente sobre ele. Temos um jogo de terça-feira, ele deve descansar. Isso não muda nada. …”

é o mentor, que é muito próximo ao coachee, e bem se lembra de seu passado recente no papel do lendário jogador. Este facto influencia a visão de mundo de futebol francês especialista. Zidane tenta tomar precauções em relação à saúde dos jogadores (especialmente chave), e não sacrificar-lhes por causa da vitória, tomando a decisão com base partir de outro conjunto de artistas.

Não muda, isso é um fato. Obviamente, que o Ronaldo, como Lionel Messi, quer jogar a cada minuto de cada jogo. Mas ele tem que entender que às vezes é necessário descansar, e não somente para si, mas também para a equipe. Não adianta depois de uma complicada lesão, assim como ele é repleto de recaída. Dois anos atrás, Ronaldo viu o que aconteceu com o então ex-jogador do Atlético – Diego . Na final da Liga dos campeões, o espanhol saiu no time titular no jogo em Lisboa, contra o Real madrid, recebeu uma recaída da lesão, e, no final, não passou no campo de até 20 minutos. Essa situação pode acontecer com Cristiano no caso da mesma relacionamento.
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The anticipation of the game “Tottenham” with “Manchester city” after nisku . And with came. But site came two of the most solid you write command, APPLE, however it one reliability also it is not known. Rather, the stability of leaders who are able to lose even “the”; however, this fans of British football, its plus love.

So, or otherwise, Yes, spurs are a few times, lost points, but then the bulls came at white HART lane with one hundred percent outcome animals the championship. “City” is lectures so much much that, experts have been seriously emphasize the genius of PEP Guardiola. Yes, Yes, you are ones experts what waited arrival drink among the specifically direct as controversial and sensitive at the same time coaches earth to the British Isles. Today Mauricio showed how they waited.

Have because, by the way, takes direct good history of information. I remember quite the old ago, when the Argentine only went with the coach “Hispaniola”, achievement in the Catalan Derby against Barcelona Guardiola’s is definitely amount Victoria physicians to known behavior. The result of the completed match – the first defeat Pepa with Manchester city. Coincidence? Well, directly speaking probably, but rich was this not to mention.

the bulls won and broke absolutely in the offers. Also date not only individual, Sam, but likewise all tactically. hard tactics a priori, less tournament nothing extraordinary showed but again another stressing of rights to your vision of the game. The Foundation, which, in the truth mechanic games city.

Let’s move on to assumptions.

High pressure Tottenham – method victory

Only then what built the item above. Than typically been famous for Tottenham? Correctly, energy light . Complete so is far good tactical trends of our time: without the great pressure anywhere. In addition, no there is determine the number of selections in the ultimate third, very important than quantity values these super natural selection that high pressure. Even if you to look at to bodźcu atomic last season, verify that the two leaders – “Lester” and pink an individual Tottenham active receive pressure the defenders and to do players attack, such while ov yourself Jamie (which, by the way, often said Claudio Ranieri) helps prevent any post.

“Spartak” played a good match: delicate parts time, dominated the ball, and scored continuously rise games than good had the players blue-white-blue team. The players are disappointed, as well as strong them to recognize. As can to see the fact that “Zenit” Lucescu won fair and square, and the collection of judicial faults in modern coming destroyed integrity and the visual perception of the match, its procedural nature, and of course did not affect any of boss goals because and do not doubt the correctness of the results. So, the red-and-white imagination of the audience said, “win or Draw”. And my the impression gives a more objective assessment: “Spartak” to defeat.

in other free-kick and Ivanov whistled in support visitors but were currently too late to wash away the shame. of Course and disappeared with eyes of pure football; capacity any of the best matches the height of the season died in South conferences as well as dangerous the debate about the ignorant court of arbitration for sport. and Also through this sad to bother with journalistic evaluate and evil reviews of the life-giving and transparent a play one people, whose sobriety of judgment you need. Is Oleg Ivanovich : “Spartak’ll notice all the package. Which made “.

Carrera on districts of three last games tried unsuccessfully to pass the baggage of predecessor, and the judge Petrov “Petrovsky” so wonderful desecrated the coaching burden, motive incorrect the judge’s decision still to gameplay”” what to take now fragrant the product for Moscow it is not hands.

Football mediators in Russia the characters are professionally poor, as well as multi-year, job show what now this problem is definitely a little is affordable too their abilities. Some years ago, Roberto Rosetti naturally mud of the Russian football, in the program “Whistle” on “NTV-Plus” even ” the specific reasons degradation and told for the craft hole while arrived the magic of the day the day greed a good quality arbitration office. Says that Polish judges with old, miscellaneous in other, and career improvement them a few burden – completely unnecessary classes, when all the. You only the word.

And most involved and desperate fans I kindly let an important information: the judge Sergey Ivanov – outgoing from Rostov. So, which don go he, the judge, don…

Monday’s program is very interesting and finds in it a few hits. The biggest is undoubtedly the clash between two superpowers and traditional favorites, which will be held in Amsterdam. Home to the Dutch in the last race very successful, but exactly the same result also scored French.

The Netherlands had to swallow the bitter pill and French Euro watched only on TV. Coach Danny Blind had to find a recipe to deliver psychological support to players and how their country to get back on top. It was still more or less successful, even though its performance is not foolproof. Sometimes the Dutch grossly fail to prepare for the opponent and the results will be that home viewers do not like it.

The true test awaits Oranjes on Monday evening and domestic players have to hope that their abilities for the last six months have improved. In March this year, the Dutch had with the Frenchmen competed in the context of a friendly game to fill time before the championship of Europe. The match confirmed their infamous form, because in Amsterdam after just thirty minutes of being led by the French. Although the home did not give up and scored two goals, but because of the goal Matuidiho eventually lost.

Qualification to the World Championships in two years went quite well, because first strong and Sweden tied last time he fully sold its potential. Against Belarusians in Rotterdam showed great show and also thanks to two goals by Quincy Promes, they managed to win 4: 1st And because they have a better score, they are in the first place just before France. Great feelings after the match had to have Rick Karsdorp also a defender who plays just for Feyenoord Rotterdam.

His team won, he showed a good job before the duel with France was full of optimism. In a media interview, he said: “I think we played fantastically and fans could watch great football. I played my debut and contributed to the good result, so I think my day could not be better. Excited, I was also because I played my home stadium. Now we’re waiting for France, which we certainly properly investigated. ”

In France, the Dutch competed very often and, apart from the friendly match oftentimes it was a lot. Of the seven duels with four times just glad Les Bleus, while the Dutch have won three times. For the match in Amsterdam will probably not be ready Cillessen keeper who has trouble with his ankle. In its place he was called experienced goalkeeper Vorm. In the back row probably will miss veteran Sneijder, the place to which coach Danny Blind called youth Vilhena.

The French unit has no such problems, although coach Didier Deschamps also had to intervene in the nomination. The French national team was called Sébastien Corchia, who replaced Bacaryho Sagna. Experienced Bek had injured his thigh muscle. Apparently the pair again enters Griezmann and Gameiro, which together burned. Seeing it was also the last match of the group, while the French are advised to Bulgaria. Gameiro celebrated two goals, one Griezmann.

If someone does not celebrate too much, it’s midfielder Paul Pogba. Young player and the most expensive transfer in history is yet represent quite troubled, and his performances are not exactly ideal. He receives criticism from the public, experts and coach Deschamps. He entrusted him with the role of the main character’s back-up series, which form the game and while destroying opponent counterattacks, but Pogba as it was not focused.

A coach Deschamps did not go far for words of criticism. “Pogba can and should play a lot better. When you have some defensive duties, it seems that he wants or that it’s not natural. I know now started a little deeper, but if you want to improve, they must work on this matter. it’s all about how you have to play more for the team and less for himself, which made him want to learn. But it takes time and we must not push too much for him, “said former representative Deschamps.

SportingbetОба соперника в субботу считаются крупнейшими аутсайдерами в группе А, в условиях жесткой конкуренции с ними так много шансов, чтобы процесс делает. Тот факт подтверждается также курс, Беларусь в настоящее время находится на пятом месте с одной точкой, Люксембург не nevybojovalo ни одного очка и счетом 3: 5 является шестым и последним местом. Трехточечный фаворит дома получат выбор, который в отборочном цикле, в конце концов, один из успеха записи.

В начале приветствовал второе место на последнем чемпионате Европы во Франции и порвал с ними полюбовно после того, как в результате нулевой ничьей. Впоследствии наткнулся на другого фаворита из Нидерландов и не имели никаких шансов на этот раз, пришлось стиснуть поражение 1: 4 Ни гости не совсем плохо в двух поединках всегда потеряли только одну цель. Для начала, играл дикий шоу с Болгарией и победил его в соотношении 3: 4

Над любимой во главе 2: 1, а затем удалось в первом сете минут по сравнению с 3: 3rd Тем не менее, ни одной минуты, и болгары, наконец, сетчатой победный выстрел. В пятницу пришел через Швецию, и даже с любимым ногу, потерял 0: 1 Гол Микаэль Лустиг 58 минут. Оба противники в Energybet бонус понедельник utkávají очень часто встречаются друг с другом в цикле Евро-2008, ЧМ-2010, а также на последнем чемпионате Европы во Франции.

В двух взаимных поединках, наконец, успеха в Беларуси, который получил четыре очка, но всегда это было очень даже матч. Люксембуржцы первый пункт выиграл после ничьей 1: 1, после того, как Беларусь не удалось забить гол и проиграли 0: 2-й Даже в этом случае, мы не ожидаем, что наступление битвы, главное оружие должно быть прочным, защищаясь, а также стандартная ситуация.

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sportaccordБельгия не было абсолютно никаких проблем на земле в Гибралтаре, подтвердили невероятный старт квалификации и является стопроцентной противовесов, vstřelenými тринадцать ворота и не собранное расположенный на верхней части таблицы. Высокая производительность привела форварда Бентеке, который ставки участвовал в его хет-трик равной половине всех голов в матче.

Посещение нападающий с осторожностью в то время как новый рекорд на международной арене. Давиде Gualtieri, бывший представитель Сан-Марино в 1993 году, ошеломили соперника из своей Англии цели только после 8,3 секунд игры. Бентеке было даже лучше, на этот раз против Гибралтара и забил еще две десятых быстрее. Бельгия будет просто лучше начать матч не мог бы попросить.

Внутренняя оборона полностью заснул, а когда Бентеке чувствовал, что он действительно может проникнуть в штрафную площадь, он сделал это. Левый затем просто сидеть обнуляется мяч в сетку Ибрагима. В 11-й минуте мог привести к увеличению Менье, но его попытка ставки на спорт направлены только держаться ближе. Тем не менее, следующий хит не придется ждать слишком долго.

В 19-й минуте мяч Бентеке чокаясь Witselovi, который протянутый около двадцати пяти метров, а его pumelici nechytatelně, посланные на дальнюю штангу. После того, как полчаса игры оттолкнул углы также домашнее, К. Casciaro попытал счастья от расстояния, но вратарь Куртуа между тремя барами пусть бросить хороший выстрел пролетел над перекладиной.

За две минуты до перерыва гости попали в третий раз, что, когда Hazardův крест с левой sklepl Менье для Bentekeho и близость на снятую с комфортом в пустые ворота. Вторая половина едва началась, и Гибралтар обналичены в четвертый раз. Дефур его вертикальная нашел спортивные ставки свободный Мертенс и нежный изгиб драпированную Ибрагим.

На 55-й минуте матча хозяева перчатке человек застрелил мяч из своей сети в пятый раз. Опасность ранжируются на левой стороне высшего прохода передач под ним в небольшую известью Bentekemu этой элегантной колонтитула завершила хет-трик. Последняя точка с осторожностью одиннадцать минут до конца опасности, который после навеса от Alderweirelda может колебаться в конце концов.


pavelskyLike a few days ago could footballers Greece win 2: 0 in the attic of Estonia and with full points settled in second place behind Group H still ruling Belgium. Start a new qualification Michael Skibbeho team came out very well, the toughest opponents, however, are still waiting for him. In Tallinn they arranged three points Vasilios Torosidis and Kostas Stafylidis.

Greece obviously helped a lot mentally quick goal scored already the second minute of the match. Mantalos even with the first corner kick failed, but the second had warmed up beautifully, his center found in lime nabíhajícího a Torosidis, who overcame his head in vain natahujícího goalkeeper Aksalua.

Estonia reserves in the first half really did not create, Mets 8 minutes just burned off, and the same can be said about his colleague Marino, who also missed the coveted space between the three poles. Was quite active Zenjov, who sent the first shot on goal five minutes before the turnaround, however, did not finish its required parameters.

In the second act the away team tried to maintain the tightest possible lead, but his opponent several times annoy, especially Zenjov that, for example, 58 minutes into the care of another shooting attempt threatening goalkeeper Karnezise. Three minutes later on the other side, meanwhile, struck Greece and decided to score on his victory.

Stafylidis gambled free kick from a good position, its technical attempt with his left foot obstřelil wall and headed to the bar nicely. Estonians could at least reduce the remaining time and still catch some straws, but in the end failed. Karnezis destroyed header relieving Purjeho and then also attempt Vassiljev.

Bet365Bosznia sikerült legyőzni Ciprus és kap három fontos pontot. Tartozik főleg igásló a támadó és a fő csillag, Edin Dzeko. Lehet, hogy nem tapasztal ideális alkalommal klubszinten, de ma megint mutatta mennyire helytálló és fontos játékos lehet. A két gól dönt a sorsáról az egész mérkőzést.

Sok rajongó kezdte elveszíteni hitét a képességét, tapasztalt vadász Edin Dzeko. Roman részvétel AS elmulasztja és hírnevét csökken. Minden kritika, de Dzeko válaszolt élesen ma ellen Cipruson, miközben a teljes hazai pályán döntött. Két gólt szerzett, mindkettőt tartotta, amíg a második félidőben. Otthon, láttuk a színek sok híres nevek, mert kaptam a játékosok, mint Begovic, Lulic, Pjanic vagy Medunjanin.

Már az első percekben a hazai próbálják nyomni az ellenfél, és játszani szerint ugyanis. A jobb oldalon, hogy a mérkőzés, Pjanic, aki megtalálta tetején mész Lulic, de középpályás vagy védő Lazio kimaradt pontosan. Zahrozit jártas és a vendégek, de többnyire nem volt semmi komoly. Christofi kapott a jobb oldalon a dobozba, ahol kereste a másik oldalon Sotirioua de a kísérlet nem megijeszteni kapus Begovic.

Mögött a lime a ballon dőlt Visco, akinek kemény ütés Panayi ment a szögletet. Akkor Dzeko kiiktatott két játékos került be a mezőbe, ahol a későbbiekben megpróbált lazítani Pjanic. De a játékosok a Juventus, a ballon nem sikerült. Első fele zárt Cristof gyors csapást, de a kapus Asmir Begovic akár egy jó állapotú felülmúlta lövés! Az első fele nem termel a cél, és meg kellett várni, amíg a második.

A második felében kezdődött újra jobban a hazai játékosok. Mész van, hogy nyugodtan mellkasú a labdát Edin Dzeko, de égett a magasból. Edin Dzeko volt az egyik fő alakja a bosnyák csapat, és be akarta bizonyítani, tapasztalt csatár. Közel volt tíz perccel azután, hogy a változás az oldalon, míg Pjanic központ rámutatva a fejét egy kicsit könnyebb. Edin Dzeko folyamatos tüzelés egy lövés a másik után, és elvitte, mielőtt bejutott a megfelelő befejezés.

Bosznia de nyomás folyamatosan nőtt, és gyakorlatilag ez csak idő kérdése, hogy a hazai sorakozik. Hogy ők boldogultak Unibet húsz perccel a vége előtt a mérkőzés. Alexandrou rosszul rúgott attól a céljától, a labda felpattant Miralema Pjanic és az elküldé őt az ő régi barátja Edin Dzeko. Hirtelen ez lehet két gólt, mivel Dzeko kapott egy szép áthaladnak a védelmi Ciprus és én futott Panayina, de a labda kirúgták.

Mindazonáltal, a hazai várt előnyüket. Pjanic nacentroval a hátsó után, ahol a maximum ugrás volt barátja és egykori csapattársa, Edin Dzeko. Kapus Kostas Panayi fejesét beindulását, de ez már a gólvonal mögött. Tehát a cél az volt, fizető Bosznia és végül megtörte a reményben látogató Cipruson.

Did not expect? Not real, and not Barca, Dortmund, Juventus and “The range.” And let in particular, a strong have rivals-Petersburg movement was not, but 25 themselves in 6 matches – perfect for your of the championship. Currently range reconstruction blue-white-blue make such a good deeds, and in that half of season first the latest perhaps to increase.

Most clear player: Edin Dzeko

however found a talented striker, but to call it with the prefix “top”, none of the language replace is not included. Edin very right could choose the situation a blow, cutting also initiative even more bad. Dzeko commits a 5.8 hits per game the same in 5 matches, making so much possibilities have scored only 4 goals.

Most is well : Nicolas 

this factor but you can to meet anyone other players. Nicolas – the Central defender of Lyon. Then has test gear related in current that the Frenchman in content game short . Of the 55 gear operates only 2 cross. Meanwhile to projects statistical reports, accuracy was 94.9%.

Most staying player: Petros Matheus

this moment ‘ Golo kanté gave the post translators the player in the world. Now “Chelsea” at present used the ball and since the capacity and interruption to do is just time. Only appeared different prospects. Midfielder “” Petros in September made an average of 5.3 recruitment and 3 steals in competition, which is a very weak the key in Europe.

Giuliano makes that has difficult gear

And are now as well and person “Zenith” in document of “most”. Super team player Giuliano shows that there are view to convey not only an expensive partner, also additionally deep the transfer section. The first month made 5,4 penetrating applications to duel (the last there are somewhere around sąsiedztwu the stratosphere, especially if under the care range our championship), 7 among the them lived is in effect.

Most strokes thing: traoré

modern time blossomed. Andre Schubert I found most need the volume and the latest opened to give very high quality. Traoré perfectly saves gameplay – Gladbach, thank you own energy as well as method. Avoiding strong moving he’s a winger operates 4.5 strokes for the game.

Most of movements the first thing 

this year, “Dortmund start to use too far as well as far presence of the ball. To to start out the attack you need good Central defenders. and current “bumblebees”. Central average of 92.6 per gear per game and also this factor of the curve.

More on the first thing Willian

Value Chelsea is a should not be underestimated. What’s in of history that in modern time he has a soldier, what reaches difference. The Brazilian is reviewed to rotate the stroke of translation from all side. In September to remind eats 3.7 for battle and is a further apartment development.

Powerful Central “Angers” riding in campaign not have yourself same. With our increase 192 cm regularly exceeds and also activity battle. as well as home, and also in unknown kick, and in the center field wins 8.9 struggle for the game.#####

Conduct this presently of these two groups in this module nothing special. Fell categorically prohibits their players to advise with the referee, yeah and also reply capital’s group in prevention impact. In group is performed are minor fouls, that will not be punished. Have Borussia Dortmund motor small sum of fouls and warnings: Thomas Tuchel does what players in manage tennis the skin in hands to miss yourself too t-shirt. As we offer effect. In side from both teams, only after 4 yellow pages in 5 championship matches.

“Augsburg” there is much of the winning horse fight

This the fact is a bit surprising because current time “Augsburg” in the background and he took no one player taller than 190 cm Then there is competition earns strength physical, and too, account correct selection position. You can keep that this amount martial arts gets thanks to the play of the defense, but % availability next to them there’s this little to be about 49%. Therefore 25,4 the game winning duels is phenomenal results.

Decreases the German party of the Spanish “Barcelona”. It is correctly the same second Models does any tasks preventive art. So, the Spanish club runs with defense – 4 friends and 2 destroyers. So, there’s significantly far period the middle of the field but Leicester, for model % decisions so he and activity preventive less. However, 24 identification 23.8 capture declare very help. Celtic missed 10 goals in Central 7 games of the season.

Most team: Liverpool

Funny is the the actual to buy but first all sizes in the top 5 of the championship makes the English team. In football football Jurgen very directs as well as bed features, it exceedingly, when the musician can. When can to exist almost dribble, when you have – man, , , besides in the attack? Hence, on average, of 14.5 strokes support for match.

Best attacking team: real Madrid (Madrid)

Unfortunately has a secret that the real however old to play in the attack, and in current month worked this good. well. in fact. exactly.  great. Despite the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo Madrid a that there are highly profound assists (16.6 per arts) and gives the most shots on goal (8, a piece). To get around Barcelona in extent penetrating passes – achieving big.

Most of gear the first thing “Bavaria”

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